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What kind of Alternative Data clients are looking for

(Shoki Yamazaki) #1

We conducted a survey on Alternative Data demand during the FactSet Buy-Side Forum Tokyo last week.

Not surprisingly, ESG tops the list among 18 categories as Japanese financial institutions began integrating ESG investment strategies in recent years.
For Supply Chain and Shipping, Hiroki Miyahara, Product Strategist at FactSet, gave a great presentation to introduce Supply Chain and Shipping at the FactSet Buy-Side Forum. And no wonder clients showed interest on those two data!

We also found that the majority of the clients see Semi-Processed data almost equally important as Raw data.

In addition to this survey, The Securities Analysis Association of Japan conducted a survey (available only in Japanese) on ESG and AI which might be interesting for further understanding of Japanese market perception around Alternative Data among Sell/Buy side professionals.