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Tracking Emerging Tech Dynamics Across Time

The Dataset: Yewno’s Emerging Tech Data Feed

  • Yewno’s Emerging Tech data can help quantify company exposure to new technologies across;
  • The data can be used for idea generation, research and portfolio construction;
  • Point in time data that can be back tested;
  • The data feed has coverage of 3,000+ global companies with 8+ years of history;
  • The data is derived from Computational Linguistics-based technology;
  • Content sources include global patents offices with more than 3M+ granted patents.

Case Study: Continental A.G.'s Emerging Tech Transformation Across Time

CON 2011 Patent Portfolio

In 2011, Continental A.G.'s Emerging Tech profile was mainly focused on environmental and electrical technologies with a major contribution to the following technologies:

  • Electric Vehicles & Batteries (~0.9% of all granted patents in this space),
  • Environmental Waste Management, and
  • Hybrid Vehicle.

CON 2013 Patent Portfolio

In 2013, Continental had less concentration on but still a major contributor to Electric Vehicles & Batteries technologies. The company expanded into 4 new technologies:

  • Lithium Batteries,
  • Nuclear Power, and even
  • Image Recognition, and
  • Big Data.

CON 2018 Patent Portfolio

In 2018, Continental now has a comprehensive patent portfolio covering 15 emerging technologies. The company is now a major contributor to the following emerging technologies:

  • Autonomous Vehicles,
  • Image Recognition,
  • Drones,
  • Satellites, and even
  • Wind Energy.

We observe that over 20% of Continental’s patent portfolio (~7%) is now focused on Image Recognition and related emerging technologies, but still retains a large Waste Management and Electric & Hybrid Vehicles patent portfolio.

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