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Tools for Machine Learning in DataExploration


(Jonathan Rogers) #1

Our engineering team is evaluating various tools to support expanded machine learning capabilities inside of our DataExploration environment.

We are seeking feedback from our users on which tools/technologies are must-haves to help unlock more insights from our growing data catalog.

We are considering tools like AzureML and DataBricks. What would you like to see added to the environment?

(William Tschumy) #2

It’s great to see FactSet leverage the investments that Microsoft is making in AI and ML. As you think about the environments that are available to you, it’s important to think about the workloads each is optimized for - AzureML is really focusing on deep learning. Coupled with the ability to accelerate models with GPUs or FPGAs, it’s a great environment to run custom built deep learning models.

DataBricks is a great environment for ‘classic’ machine learning, powered by Spark. It’s the perfect environment to do statistical analysis on data.

Looking forward to seeing what the community can do!