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The G20 - Domestic vs International Revenue Exposure


(Drake Bushnell) #1

By leveraging a combination of FactSet Fundamentals and FactSet’s Entity Structure, I wanted to answer the question of: “For the G20, what revenue exposure do they have internationally?” The graphic below does just that.

Looking at China, we can see a complex entity structure with the most subsidiaries (406) of which 225 are public and disclose revenues. Comparing it to the rest of the G20, they rank 1st in number of total and public subsidiaries but 3 in total revenues from those public companies behind India and Indonesia. Using Revere’s Geographic Revenue Exposure, I was able to calculate the total revenue exposure for these public companies inside and outside of China.

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of revenue comes from Mainland China, however, it would be interesting to expand this web out another level or traverse up and down these firm’s supply chain to better understand the relationship of G20.