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RepRisk data integrated in the WRI Global Water Risk Atlas: is water stress is the biggest crisis no one is talking about?

The recent release of the updatedAqueduct™ Water Risk Atlas (Aqueduct 3.0) by the World Resources Institute (WRI) has made headlines around the world for highlighting the issue of water risk. WRI’s updated Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas finds that 17 countries, which are home to a quarter of the world’s population, face “extremely high” water stress. The tool ranks water stress, drought risk, and riverine flood risk across 189 countries and their sub-national regions, like states and provinces.

Aqueduct uses a robust, peer reviewed methodology and the best-available information to create customizable global maps. Aqueduct’s updated hydrological model shows a more accurate, granular picture of water risk than ever before. The platform was used by more than 50,000 people in 2018.

Quality and timely data is the key to understanding which countries are most water-stressed, and also for tracking emerging trends and hotspots. WRI relies on a diverse range of datasets for its Aqueduct suite of tools and data, including RepRisk’s proprietary Country ESG Risk Index, which was used to understand the broader country-specific ESG and reputational risks that may threaten water quantity, quality, and access. The newly updated Aqueduct tools allow users to better see and understand water risks and make smart decisions to manage them.

The example above is one of many use cases where RepRisk’s razor-sharp ESG metrics are integrated. Our AI and machine learning capabilities empower size and scale of our database, while our human intelligence adds depth and relevance to the data, allowing users to consume and leverage valuable ESG information in a digestible and structured format.

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