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March 2019

Quantitative Solutions

Quantopian Enterprise: Streamline the entire quantitative workflow from idea generation to portfolio construction.

M&A / Private Equity

JetTrack: Uncover alpha from corporate jet activity.

Corporate Governance

Management CV: Apply statistical science to identify the relative risk and operating ability associated with company executives.

News / Macro Events

FactSet Document Distributor – XML StreetAccount News: Access distilled news in an easily consumable, machine-readable XML format.

Earnings Revisions

Mill Street Research: Incorporate global stock rankings based on trends in analyst revisions, price action and valuation.

Data Management

Kuberre EDM: Leverage a cloud-based hosted Enterprise Data Management service to increase scalability, flexibility and reliability.

Kuberre QTPy: Offload the data management burden and seamlessly access underlying data through fully associated Python objects.


April 2019

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Sentiment / Insider Transactions

2iQ: Analyze the activity of corporate insiders who use their own capital to demonstrate confidence in their business.

New Candidate Providers:

ESG / Asia

Who’s Good: Access in-depth ESG insights for the Korean market.

Corporate Governance

ISS Director Data: Gain important perspective to boardroom decision-making processes.

ISS Executive Compensation Data: Evaluate the link between executive pay and financial performance and assess whether pay incentives are aligned with company strategy.

ISS Voting Analytics: Identify trends and gain actionable insights with this comprehensive database of global proxy voting agendas and meeting results.

Factor Models / Machine Learning

Brain Machine Learning Stock Rankings: Enhance quantitative models and long short strategies by adding a multi-factor ranking based on advanced Machine Learning techniques.

Fixed Income

American County Review Rankings: Leverage ACRe’s proprietary ranking methodology for better risk assessment of each County, City and School District in America.

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May 2019

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Security Selection / Strategy Development

IHS Markit Research Signals : Access proven insights and actionable ranking data, freeing up time and resources otherwise required to define, calculate, and test strategies in-house.

New Candidate Providers:

Retail Metrics

Omney Data Retail Pricing and Promotional Activity : Track retailers’ pricing and promotional activity including year-over-year changes in full ticket prices, markdown rates (ex. promotions), and promotional discounts.


IdealRatings ESG Data : Create customized filters from over 250 responsible investment parameters for over 40,000 companies worldwide.

Verisk Maplecroft Global Risk Analytics: Leverage over 150 ESG, climate, political and economic factors (indices) created from ~800 underlying indicators.

Verisk Maplecroft Commodity Risk Analytics: Gain visibility into commodity-specific ESG risks, whether your exposure is via farmland, timberland or other real assets; commodities trading; or corporates with commodity-dependent value chains.

RS Metrics MetalSignals: Generate fundamental insights and quantitative forecasts of exchange price and inventory for refined metals and bulk commodities and price direction for related equities, FX, and rates.

Patents / Compliance

Royalty Stat : Access best-in-class, timely, and reliable royalty rates extracted from unredacted license agreements.

June 2019


Retail Metrics

Mastercard SpendingPulse™ : Leverage a comprehensive and timely suite of macroeconomic and industry data to gain better insight into the U.S. national & regional retail economy.


NLP / Sentiment

Amenity Analytics

  • Enterprise Solutions for Financial Services: Leverage Amenity’s NLP models and AI driven insights engine to gain actionable insights from unstructured text with unparalleled accuracy and deployment speed.

  • Insights Platform: Discover critical insights from unstructured financial text, research at scale and share your findings in boardroom-ready dashboards with Amenity Analytics’ all-in-one text analytics application

  • Thematic Sentiment APIs: Apply sentiment analysis and classify unstructured data into dozens of unique events, such as margin commentary, employment, and capacity, to uncover detailed information about business events in financial documents that are easily missed by traditional analysis methods

Fixed Income

S3 Short Interest & Securities Lending: Gain the necessary tools to analyze how short interest, finance rates, and crowded trades affect price action.

Healthcare / Pharma

Advera FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS): Identify previously unknown adverse events being reported at an elevated rate to better predict FDA label changes.


Six Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service (SSMS): Reduce costly, complex and resource-intensive data processing with automatic daily updates that provide a consistent and comprehensive overview of the sanctions landscape.

July 2019

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Alexandria Text Analytics - Commodity : Enhance your investment analysis with global coverage of commodity-related news that can be transformed into a top-down factor.

US Equities

Arialytics IDEAS ™ & Arialytics IDEAS™ Alpha : Leverage a comprehensive, survivor-bias-free, point-in-time artificial intelligence data feed that processes millions data streams into return and alpha assessments for thousands of US companies.


CSRHub Business Intelligence : Strengthen corporate, investor, and consumer ESG and sustainability decision-making with strong signal data from CSRHub.

Asian Equities

Kavout K-Score China A-Shares Stocks : Boost alpha with an equity rating that uses fundamentals, pricing and trading volumes, technical signals, and alternative data.


Credit Risk

Credit Benchmark Aggregate Analytics : Gain a unique source of real-world, forward-looking consensus credit analytics across industries, sectors and countries.


Entelligent Smart Climate E-Scores : Move capital to the companies that are making the changes needed to move us toward “net zero” carbon consumption.

ISS ESG Corporate Rating : Access highly relevant, material, sector-specific and forward-looking assessments of a companies’ environmental, social and governance performance .

Shipping / Commodities

MariTrace MariData : Develop unique market insights, identify investment opportunities, and monitor the activity of individual ships, companies, commodities and industry sectors.


MT Newswires Live Briefs PRO Global Markets : Leverage a global network of experienced and respected financial journalists, editors and economists to gain unique and proprietary news and insights.


Valspresso Sentiment & Fundamental Indicators : Reduce risk and improve returns with innovative indicators based on intelligent technology and patented methods.

August 2019


Governance / ESG

ISS ESG Governance QualityScore : Gain an objective, point-in-time, data-driven tool that helps investment professionals measure and identify areas of corporate risk in board structure, compensation programs, shareholder rights, and audit & risk oversight.

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ESG / Sentiment

Data Simply Company ESG and Financial Sentiment Disclosures : Deep dive into data on climate change, fossil fuels, governance, ATF, social workplace and more.


IdealRatings ESG Data : Leverage a proprietary ESG solution that covers more than 250 Responsible Investments related data points for 40,000+ companies globally.


Kavout Global Equities : Analyze K Scores to generate new equity long/short ideas, incorporate as a signal in investment models, or validate research as a screening parameter.

Libra Apollo : Enhance existing investment models with Apollo’s unique approach to stock level valuation. Due to the systematic nature of their continuous time series stock level dataset, signals can also be aggregated cross-sectionally to create portfolio, sector or market indicators.


Sentiment / Asia

Kainoa Group Minkabu Japanese Retail Predictions : Leverage the insights from a registered community of over four hundred thousand Japanese retail investors on a broad panel of Japanese equities.

Chinascope SmarTag : Overcome the language barrier to the world’s second largest economy with locally sourced data that provides deeper insight into what’s happening on the ground in China.


ISS ESG Carbon & Climate Impact Data : Gain a comprehensive dataset incorporating carbon footprint data, an overall Carbon Risk Rating and Potential Avoided Emissions (PAE).

ISS ESG Sustainability (SDG) Solutions Assessment : Assess how a company’s products or services contribute to or obstruct 15 sustainability objectives, such as mitigating climate change, delivering education, and alleviating poverty.

ISS ESG Norm-Based Research : Screen, analyze, and monitor companies on their adherence to international norms on Human Rights, Labor Standards, Environmental Protection, and Anti-Corruption.

ISS ESG Environmental & Social Disclosure QualityScore : Evaluate ESG risks via the level of corporate disclosures, utilizing 380 industry-specific factors and 10 relative scores developed for easy comparison.

September 2019



Six Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service : Reduce costly, complex and resource-intensive data processing with automatic daily updates that provide a consistent and comprehensive overview of the sanctions landscape.


Truvalue Labs SASB Codified Datafeed : Leverage AI to unlock ESG insights hidden in massive volumes of unstructured text that capture external stakeholder viewpoints about company behavior.

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Private Companies

Cortera Spend Insights : Predict the financial health and future performance of businesses by identifying trends in purchasing, spend and payment behaviors over the past 3+ years, segmented across 45 categories. Information includes firmographics and modeled attributes.

Corporate Events

Wall Street Horizon Enchilada : Find untapped Alpha around valuable corporate event data.


Human Capital

LinkUp Raw : Rely on a unique, timely, and accurate job listings dataset that is sourced directly from employer websites globally.