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March 2019

Quantitative Solutions

Quantopian Enterprise: Streamline the entire quantitative workflow from idea generation to portfolio construction.

M&A / Private Equity

JetTrack: Uncover alpha from corporate jet activity.

Corporate Governance

Management CV: Apply statistical science to identify the relative risk and operating ability associated with company executives.

News / Macro Events

FactSet Document Distributor – XML StreetAccount News: Access distilled news in an easily consumable, machine-readable XML format.

Earnings Revisions

Mill Street Research: Incorporate global stock rankings based on trends in analyst revisions, price action and valuation.

Data Management

Kuberre EDM: Leverage a cloud-based hosted Enterprise Data Management service to increase scalability, flexibility and reliability.

Kuberre QTPy: Offload the data management burden and seamlessly access underlying data through fully associated Python objects.


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