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March 2019

Quantitative Solutions

Quantopian Enterprise: Streamline the entire quantitative workflow from idea generation to portfolio construction.

M&A / Private Equity

JetTrack: Uncover alpha from corporate jet activity.

Corporate Governance

Management CV: Apply statistical science to identify the relative risk and operating ability associated with company executives.

News / Macro Events

FactSet Document Distributor – XML StreetAccount News: Access distilled news in an easily consumable, machine-readable XML format.

Earnings Revisions

Mill Street Research: Incorporate global stock rankings based on trends in analyst revisions, price action and valuation.

Data Management

Kuberre EDM: Leverage a cloud-based hosted Enterprise Data Management service to increase scalability, flexibility and reliability.

Kuberre QTPy: Offload the data management burden and seamlessly access underlying data through fully associated Python objects.


April 2019

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Sentiment / Insider Transactions

2iQ: Analyze the activity of corporate insiders who use their own capital to demonstrate confidence in their business.

New Candidate Providers:

ESG / Asia

Who’s Good: Access in-depth ESG insights for the Korean market.

Corporate Governance

ISS Director Data: Gain important perspective to boardroom decision-making processes.

ISS Executive Compensation Data: Evaluate the link between executive pay and financial performance and assess whether pay incentives are aligned with company strategy.

ISS Voting Analytics: Identify trends and gain actionable insights with this comprehensive database of global proxy voting agendas and meeting results.

Factor Models / Machine Learning

Brain Machine Learning Stock Rankings: Enhance quantitative models and long short strategies by adding a multi-factor ranking based on advanced Machine Learning techniques.

Fixed Income

American County Review Rankings: Leverage ACRe’s proprietary ranking methodology for better risk assessment of each County, City and School District in America.

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May 2019

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Security Selection / Strategy Development

IHS Markit Research Signals : Access proven insights and actionable ranking data, freeing up time and resources otherwise required to define, calculate, and test strategies in-house.

New Candidate Providers:

Retail Metrics

Omney Data Retail Pricing and Promotional Activity : Track retailers’ pricing and promotional activity including year-over-year changes in full ticket prices, markdown rates (ex. promotions), and promotional discounts.


IdealRatings ESG Data : Create customized filters from over 250 responsible investment parameters for over 40,000 companies worldwide.

Verisk Maplecroft Global Risk Analytics: Leverage over 150 ESG, climate, political and economic factors (indices) created from ~800 underlying indicators.

Verisk Maplecroft Commodity Risk Analytics: Gain visibility into commodity-specific ESG risks, whether your exposure is via farmland, timberland or other real assets; commodities trading; or corporates with commodity-dependent value chains.

RS Metrics MetalSignals: Generate fundamental insights and quantitative forecasts of exchange price and inventory for refined metals and bulk commodities and price direction for related equities, FX, and rates.

Patents / Compliance

Royalty Stat : Access best-in-class, timely, and reliable royalty rates extracted from unredacted license agreements.