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Now, where the heck to PUT that data?

Everyone wants data, but arguably the very first question upon acquiring data is: where are we putting it? The requirements may differ based on the type of data purchased (structured vs unstructured), the size of the datasets, and how that data will be consumed downstream.

For small firms that are just starting out, the issue might be who is going to maintain that database? Do we put it locally or do we use the cloud? And just because we choose the cloud doesn’t mean it comes with no maintenance. How is that data getting from point A to point B (the cloud)? For a larger firm, one team might be interested in acquiring new datasets, but the process of getting a database requisitioned could take months or even longer, and the costs allocated to the team could be egregious. This can inhibit the purchases of new datasets for small and large firms alike!

FactSet is now excited to announce the release of its Managed Database Service (MDS) offering! This service includes a secure, scalable Microsoft Azure SQL database that clients can connect to directly from their network. Any FactSet licensed/trialed data is automatically updated behind the scenes. No need to worry about local software or hardware!

MDS builds on top of our Data Exploration (DX) product, which allows clients to gain access within a closed environment where they can discover and trial all of FactSet’s standard data feeds, as well as dozens of data sets from our third party providers on the Open:FactSet marketplace. MDS becomes a natural complement to DX for taking those discovered datasets for use in a local manner.

MDS now means that clients can buy or trial data without having to worry about that initial question: Now where the heck do I put that data?

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Sorry, about the previous comment. I was answering it literally. Whoops.