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New Thought Leadership From ISS ESG: Hydrogen: The World Is Watching

Despite being the universe’s most abundant element, hydrogen remains a marginal source of energy on Earth – but not for long. Demand for hydrogen has grown more than threefold since 1975and is expected to continue rising in the next decade. The element is seen as a potentially major catalyzer towards a more sustainable future. Cleanly produced, hydrogen can be used across the entire energy and transportation sectors and help reduce carbon emissions across a broad range of industries.

In the past few years, hydrogen technologies have made rapid progress, attracting keen interest from policy makers in the process. Hydrogen could be a game-changer given its low-carbon merit. So why aren’t we all working from hydrogen-powered homes and offices and driving hydrogen fuel cars? Like most world-changing solutions there are some significant barriers in the way, particularly implementation costs. Before we explore those challenges, let’s begin with hydrogen fundamentals.

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