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Jupyter Notebook and SQL Code Starter Kits Posted to Open:FactSet Marketplace

Good afternoon everyone!

Some exciting news on the Open:FactSet Marketplace; new zip files containing SQL Queries and Jupyter Notebooks are now posted to OF cards. These are an awesome tool to get you started on a content set and include the following:

  1. Introductory Notebooks explaining the feed schema, key columns, and content examples
  2. Symbology Notebooks showing how to connect market identifiers to the content
  3. Use Case Notebooks highlighting the economic rationale and sample uses of each content set.

These are also stored in Data Exploration for anyone interested in using the code in that environment.

Start by checking out the instruction page linked here and then take a look at the Notebooks (Debt Capital Structure example linked here). We’d love to hear feedback on what else would be useful so drop me a note and we can build on this foundation!