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ISS ESG: Volatile Transitions: Navigating ESG in 2021

ISS ESG has identified 10 of the key global trends that we believe responsible investors will be focusing on through 2021, both in terms of impacts on portfolio risk/returns, and in terms of time spent managing policies and stakeholder relationships.

The key global trends are:

  1. Not Even a Pandemic Can Slow Action on Climate Change - Maximilian Horster

  2. Clickbait Has a Whole New Meaning - Duncan Paterson

  3. Towards Sustainable Value Creation - Inequality and the Way Into an Inclusive “Stakeholder Capitalism” - Hendrik Leue & Damien Fruchart

  4. Sustainable Finance Regulation - Lydia Sandner

  5. A Yardstick for Corporate Diversity - Hernando Cortina & Mariana Furnari

  6. ESG’s Assets Might Just Be Its Biggest Asset - Anthony Campagna

  7. Biodiversity - Once It’s Gone, It’s Gone! - Dennis Tung

  8. Human Capital Management - Georg Praauer

  9. Where Your Next Meal Comes From - Anja Kubeneck & Kira Kim Daubertshäuser

  10. The Rise and Rise of E&S Incentives - Casey Lea

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