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How ESG Data Science Can Help Transform Investment Strategy

Are you looking to apply a systematic ESG-related investment strategy or check your portfolio’s exposure to specific ESG factors?

This webcast shows how RepRisk applies advanced machine learning, combined with human intelligence, to differentiate its data and provide customized quantitative solutions for investment professionals.

RepRisk offers an unbroken time series of high-quality data and metrics which can be used for rigorous back-testing and quantitative analysis.

Understand current misconceptions about ESG data and ratings and real-life uses cases for RepRisk’s data:

  • How can ESG alpha be extracted from the RepRisk dataset?
  • How can daily-updated risk signals support pre-investment due diligence to portfolio construction and monitoring to company engagement?
  • How can risk-focused ESG data help identify potential for outperformance and investment returns?

Download the webcast to learn more.