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Find alumni connections with the FactSet People data feed


(Stefanie Tavolato) #1

Here is a sample query that illustrates how the FactSet People Standard DataFeed can be used to pull where the CEO of a company graduated from. For example, if we wanted connections for Elon Musk:

select pl.factset_person_id,pl.first_name,pl.last_name,pl.full_name,pl.salutation,pl.birth_year,j.job_id,j.factset_entity_id,j.address_id, f.job_function_code, m.ppl_job_function_desc,e.entity_proper_name,e.iso_country,e.entity_type
from ppl_v1.ppl_people pl
join ppl_v1.ppl_jobs j on j.factset_person_id=pl.factset_person_id
join ppl_v1.ppl_job_functions f on f.job_id = j.job_id
join ref_v2.ppl_job_function_map m on m.ppl_job_function_code=f.job_function_code
join sym_v1.sym_entity e on e.factset_entity_id=j.factset_entity_id
where ppl_job_function_code = ‘UND’
and pl.first_name= ‘Elon’ and pl.last_name = ‘Musk’