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DataFeed Tip: Exploring Feed Metadata

(Josh Star) #1

Hello FactSet DataFeed users!

Did you know that all Standard DataFeeds come with a set of tables containing detailed field and package metadata across all FactSet content? These tables are located with in the ref_v2 schema and have the following names:

  • ref_metadata_packages: Contains package and table level information for all tables available via Standard DataFeeds.

  • ref_metadata_fields: Contains field level information for all tables available via Standard DataFeeds.

  • ref_metadata_tables: Contains full table names for each supported database type.

  • ref_metadata_codes: Contains currency indicators, split indicators and unit factors for all codes found within all Standard Datafeeds. (Currently only relevant for FactSet Estimates)

These tables can be a great resource for all user types of Standard DataFeeds. Here are a few example use cases to get started:

Data Discovery: Ever wanted to quickly check and see if an item exists in a data feed before digging through the longform user guides? The ref_metadata_fields table can offer a quick first pass. For example, use the following query to see which ADR related data items are available in the FactSet Fundamentals schema, ff_v3. (PDF userguides from the Open:FactSet Marketplace will still be the best place to locate detailed definitions and content methodology for Standard DataFeeds)

select * from ref_v2.ref_metadata_fields
where feed_schema = 'ff_v3'
and field_description like '%adr%'

Users will receive metadata for all packages regardless of their subscription, so these tables act as a window to see what is available in other datasets across FactSet.

Table to Product Mapping: If you discover data of interest from the ref_metadata_fields table that is not a part of your current subscription, the ref_metadata_packages table can help you find the associated FactSet Product names exposing the data.

select * from ref_v2.ref_metadata_packages
where table_name like 'ent_entity_structure'

We are always striving to improve data discoverability across the FactSet product line and are currently working on an online user interface for navigating content later this year. If you have any feedback on these tables, or FactSet’s Data Dictionaries in general, feel free to respond in the comments. What other items would you want to see here?