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Coronavirus ESG Update from Truvalue Labs - Sept. 10, 2020

Truvalue Labs provides updates with an overview of the key trends and patterns from our Coronavirus ESG Monitor and dataset. Here’s what’s new:

"E" rivals “S” in ESG content mix as natural disasters boosted by global warming capture attention

Environment data volume reached its highest level since January. “E” nearly topped “S”, this week, an unusual circumstance likely tied to extreme weather events affected by climate change, including an active hurricane season, Western US wildfires, and tornadoes on the East Coast.

Meanwhile the big picture for Coronavirus data may reflect the same shift: Coronavirus-related content remains at a low level for three out of the past four weeks, with only 26% of total ESG data including the subject.

Coronavirus complacency on both sides of the Atlantic?

On both sides of the Atlantic, Coronavirus-related conversation holds steady at ~30% of all ESG conversation in both the US and Europe, despite new cases in the hundreds of thousands per week. US new cases per week have fallen by ~200,000 from mid-July. Meanwhile, European new weekly cases (seen below) exceed 200,000 a week for the first time since early April.

Coronavirus may or may not be exacerbated by seasonal factors as fall arrives in the northern hemisphere. If seasonal factors do affect transmission, the time horizon to watch is within 90 days, as cold and flu season typically hits its stride beginning in December.