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An Uptick in Hiring, Provided by LinkUp, May Foreshadow Comcast's Changing Revenue Exposure

LinkUp Raw, now available on the Open:FactSet Marketplace, helps address a growing interest in Human Capital and Demographic data by supplying daily job postings for over 60,000 public and private companies globally. This information provides unique insight into company health and areas of investment prior to the release of annual filings. Leveraging LinkUp in conjunction with FactSet RBICS with Revenue and FactSet GeoRev offers an opportunity to forecast areas of investment and, in turn, future revenue exposure.

The example below showcases how LinkUp can be used to anticipate continued investment in Comcast’s UK business, propelled by the acquisition of UK telecommunications company, Sky Inc., in 2018 for $40 billion. Since the acquisition, Comcast has dramatically increased the number of unique job postings in the United Kingdom. In the latter half of 2019 the number of job postings in the United Kingdom surpassed the number of postings in the US, Comcast’s largest market. LinkUp also provides transparency into each job posting, including a standardized O*Net job title. The table below includes the top five jobs in the UK by number of unique postings and illustrates Comcast’s emphasis on marketing and sales.

Following the acquisition of Sky, FactSet GeoRev revealed an uptick in European geographic revenue exposure and FactSet RBICS with Revenue showed new revenue exposure to Pan-Europe Wireless Services and International TV Cable and Broadcast Networks in 2018.

We look forward to revisiting Comcast’s industry and geographic revenue exposure provided by FactSet RBICS and GeoRev in the coming periods to see how this hiring has impacted Comcast’s business.

Reach out to or your CTS Specialist to learn more about how you can leverage LinkUp in conjunction with other FactSet DataFeeds for alpha generation, labor demand insight, consumer confidence insight, forecasting, market research and corporate intelligence.