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Open:FactSet Community Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Open:FactSet Community Forum, the destination for discussion around alternative data and authentic feedback around the Open:FactSet platform, its providers and data.

This site is operated by FactSet Research Systems Inc. and its affiliates. By accessing or using the Community Forum, you agree to our terms and conditions and to abide by these guidelines.

Respect Others

Diverse opinions are an important part in enabling constructive and meaningful dialogue. In order to facilitate meaningful dialogue around alternative data for everyone here, be respectful to others when participating in the Open:FactSet Community Forum. In particular:

  • Be honest. Don’t post content that is untrue, misleading, threatening or inflammatory.

  • Be respectful. Don’t post content that invades other people’s privacy.

  • Be kind. Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hateful.

  • Be fair. Don’t single out individuals or groups for criticism.

Improve the Conversation

Improve the conversation by being helpful to others and by keeping the discussion relevant to the topic. Your comments should be based on your own opinions and experiences.

  • Agree to disagree. Don’t engage in name-calling or attack people for their opinions, even if you disagree with some of what is being said or the tone of a particular post.
  • Don’t disparage particular companies, other community members or datasets. Read your post before you click submit. If you would be embarrassed if your boss read your post, then you should rethink the content of your post.

Reporting Abuse

When you see behavior that you believe violates these guidelines, flag it. If you see something that requires immediate attention, please reach out directly to us.

Remember that, in order to post, a login is required. There is no anonymous posting permitted.

Post Only Your Own Content

Only post content that belongs to you or content that you have permission to use. Don’t post content or engage in discussions in a way that infringes on the intellectual property or other property rights of others.

Help us Improve

If you have any further questions about how things work on the Open:FactSet Forum or have suggestions for improvement, for example the creation of a new topic tag or if there’s a critical or urgent issue, please reach out directly to us.